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Souls and Sonnets - Continued



at The Emily Harvey Gallery- 537 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10012 – closest trains R, W to Prince, 6 to Spring, B, D, F to Bway/Lafayette, C,E to Spring. More details soon.
Last summer audiences in Venice got a glimpse into the life and career of Sara Copia Sullam, a renowned poet and resident of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice
Magis Theatre collaborated with filmmaker Elizabeth Coffman and Poet Laureate Rita Dove. This year Magis teams with CUNY distinguished poet Meena Alexander responding to Sara's poetry with verses of her own



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Introducing "the Logos Project," a new initiative of the Magis Theatre Company


Magis Theatre's "Logos Project" produces works that inspire an integrated view of the human person: physical, creative and life-affirming, focusing on our shared humanity. "Logos" means "word" in Greek, and the Logos project acknowledges the commonality of the spoken, sung and performed word in the many diverse sacred traditions of our world. Through joint projects, seminars, readings, and performances, the Logos Project seeks to celebrate the spirit of theatre in the rich cultural traditions of our world. We launched the Logos Project with a new piece titled *mark at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York City. Thanks to all who came to see our first production!

"Drance acts out the spirited dialogue... walks us through the Gospel’s peripatetic geography with the help of chalk marks on the black floor… and gives the familiar contours of the Passion a fresh, anguished rendition, achieving the estimable feat of generating a modicum of suspense around a story whose ending we know too well… *mark makes us hear these well-worn tales anew; it takes them off the inanimate page and gives them body and voice." --Rob Weinert-Kendt, writer America Magazine, associate editor American Theatre.

For 100 minutes with only two 30-second breathers, Drance acted the entire Gospel of Mark from the New Testament of the Bible – solo! What was most effective was Drance’s smooth use of voice variation and inflection to shift from one character to the next. --Alexander Santora, Jersey Journal

Last season also saw the beginning of an exciting program: our Director's Lab. Are you a director who has always wanted to work with a resident company and develop interesting physically based theatre? Email us aobut our next Lab!